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For over 15 years, Billy Serbin, the President and Founder of Vapor Envy, tried to quit smoking, without success. When he first learned of electronic cigarettes in 2008, he felt it may be just what he needed to try. Unfortunately, the e-cigarettes that were available at that time didn't do the trick either. They weren't satisfying, they stopped working quickly, and they just didn't feel like a real analog cigarette.

When his mother was diagnosed with cancer, Billy decided again that he needed to make a change to have a healthier life. He was determined to quit smoking once and for all. So he researched the different vaporizors and electronic cigarettes and found that there were several different ones on the market that were not available in the past. He experimented with different atomizers, battery strengths and e-liquids. Immediately he realized that some combinations worked better than others to satisfy his nicotine craving. Having a similar sensation to actually smoking was also important to him and that was exactly what was lacking his first go-around.

It took quite a bit of experimentation to find what really worked for him. At last, he discovered the combination that allowed him to replace smoking real analog cigarettes with an electronic cigarette vaporizor. Billly realized that what he had learned would be very helpful to others and help them save time and money. He also knew that if he could do it, so could ANYONE ELSE. He made it his mission to help others find the right combinations of products to put aside real cigarettes in favor of the electronic kind, thus improving their health and wellbeing and the rest is history. Vapor Envy was born!

What differentiates Vapor Envy is a passion for the products, and dedication to the clients who receive individual assistance in a nonjudgmental environment. The founders of Vapor Envy, Billy and Lindsay Serbin truly care about their clients success. So whether you are looking for products, education or support, if you want a partner in this journey come visit the store or call for an appointment at (239)245-8332 or Send Email.

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Vapor Envy

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Products sold on this site are smoking alternatives. By purchasing these products, you acknowledge you are AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE


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DISCLAIMER; Electronic Cigarettes and other vaping devices sold by Vapor Envy are not considered to be methods for smoking cessation but rather as a way to lessen the harm
 that smoking can cause. The e-liquids used in e-cigarettes may contain nicotine which can be purchased in varying strengths.